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Amateur Sports

Brain Games, India’s first ‘Olympics of Intellectual Sports’, was launched in 2013. The multi-age group, multi-sport extravaganza was first held in Delhi, followed by Chennai and Bangalore. It featured 8-different intellectual games - Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku, Quiz, Puzzles, Crossword, Spell Bee and Math Bee. This unique community event brought together brain game enthusiasts from all age groups under one roof. Over 1500 participants and 800+ parents attended the event over the 2 days in each of the cities. Parle G was the Presenting Sponsor of the Delhi Brain Games. Parle G’s campaign at that point was ‘G for Genius’ and the Delhi Brain Games fitted seamlessly with that communication. The Chennai Brain Games was sponsored by Arokya Milk. The essence of what the brand was trying to communicate intersected with what the program stood for.